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    A turnkey ESCO with a partnership based approach to project development and and implementation. Our mission is to leverage available utility, grid, state incentives to help to offset capital investment costs. 
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Energy Services Partner


To create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients by helping them achieve greater operational efficiency through technology implemented through a solutions-based approach. 

EES works with our customers to understand their business processes and objectives to develop custom projects that deliver the payback they are looking to achieve. 

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Facility Energy Assessment

Facility Energy Audits help to identify hidden issues and opportunities for both energy and process improvements.

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Sub-Metering Solutions

Sub-metering of critical systems can help to identify operational issues, process shortfalls and provide the granularity needed to benchmark investments. 

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Building Automation & Site Security

Building automation and systems integration provides centralized visibility and management of critical infrastructure. 

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Turnkey LED Lighting

Turnkey LED lighting projects can reduce energy consumption by 25% while improving safety and morale of building occupants. In refrigerated spaces, lighting upgrades can reduce building loads by 10-15%. 

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Utility & PJM Incentives Administration

Planned renovations and new construction projects will qualify for both utility and PJM Incentives. EES will assist with the submission of the incentive applications on a national level. 

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Compressed Air & Refrigeration Systems

Critical industrial manufacturing support systems provide extensive opportunities for savings. EES will develop, implement, leverage incentives and provide the final incentives for system investments. 

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Capital Projects Planning

Plan out your infrastructure system projects through a 5 - 10 year plan. 

Business Loan

Leverage available business financing or C-PACE financing to implement projects. 

179D Federal Tax Deductions

Leverage available tax deductions and grants for your projects. 

Savings Strategy

If ROI is key to justifying your investments, let us help you bring the package together. 

Infrastructure Planning

Infrastructure systems have a fixed life span, plan for the upgrades to reduce downtime and critical system failures. 

Risk Management

Reduce risk through infrastructure planning and commodity electricity and nat. gas sourcing through our sourcing agreements. 

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